DataRoom is the best host to share your files.

Easy installation

Simply copy all Data Room files to your server, do your first login and update your password. That’s it.

No coding skills required

You don’t need any coding skills when working with Data Room, you just have to be yourself and explore our intuitive user interface. Its friendly and you can handle by yourself or reading our documentation and user guide.

Supports any language (including Right-to-Left)

Enjoy our multilingual feature with 10 different languages, there is no limits with us, you can expand our platform with the most common 10 languages around the world. We made it easy and accessible just for you.

What's inside

Simple yet powerful File Manager

If you are looking for a simple and flexible plug-and-play file manager, Data Room is for you. Send files to your customers, create new users with dedicated folders, or simply use it as your personal file cloud. Access from any device, manage users and general settings from an intuitive administration panel, customize it to your brand.

Custom header, 14 ready-to-use skins

Select a skin and upload your image to customize the header. Want some more? Create your custom skin with few lines of CSS


Upload and manage your files from any device, always the best resolution with scalable vector icons

Easy SetUp

Manage settings with an intuitive administration panel. Create ilimitate users, set permissions, assing specific folders. Add easily your custom language.


Do you want to get more info? View Demo

Our awesome features

File Sharing

Share all your files so you can access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video).

Quick image preview

Have a quick preview of your images, portfolio, albums and many more.

Multiple file uploading

Upload more than one file at time, and take advantage of our multiple file uploading service.

Multiple users permissions

Files can be managed by multiple users once they have permission.

Audio player

Listen to your music from our platform around the world.

User panel

We provide a user panel where you can manage your files like a pro

Drag & drop uploader

Drag and drop your files into our box and you will have access from the cloud as soon as possible.


Enjouy of our Analytics service with daily / weekly / monthly reports.

Custom templates

Customize the way you can see your files and give it your personal touch.

Frequently asked questions

It is possible to share 1 folder with several different users?

Yes, you can assign a folder to a single user, or the same folder to multiple users; every user may have more than one folder assigned, and an optional max space available.

Can we exclude certain file types?

Yes, from Administration panel you can add a comma separated list with all extensions you wish to exclude. For security reasons I would recommend to keep “php”, “html” and “htm” extensions excluded. (though even if you permit it, these files will be stored with .txt extension appended).

Is the client panel, and all of its files and folders fully secured?

All passwords are encrypted, and direct access to files and folders is prevented via .htaccess.
I always try to keep all possible security measures, however don’t use web applications to store your most important documents!.

Are all files secured?

Yes, direct access to files and folders is prevented, and system checks if current user has access to required file before processing download (and download links are encoded).